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Next steps

For Students

Finding your home

First of all you need to find a group of friends that you want to share with then look for houses with the relevant number of bedrooms. Do research on the internet, go and see properties.

To minimise disruption for our tenants we normally only show whole groups round at the same time but we also do open evenings during the letting season. Email us to put your name on the list to be advised of open evenings.

Decide what is most important about the house you want to rent and put them in order of priority. For example, some want a dishwasher, others want parking.  It is helpful to have a group discussion. We are here to help so please get in touch.

Securing your new home

You should never feel under pressure to sign a tenancy. If you are very keen on a property you could ask for a copy of the tenancy at the viewing to take away with you.

Speak to your parents and or guarantors to make sure they are happy to guarantee your portion of the rent. We are always happy to chat to parents and answer any questions they may have.

No jargon, no fuss, no pressure

When you've found the property you want to make your next home you'll need to complete some paperwork. We understand that this is a big decision so we've tried to make the process as clear and simple as possible.

  1. Reserving the property: For most of our properties we will ask that you pay a non-refundable reservation fee this reserves the property for 7 days. Once you have signed the tenancy and returned the guarantor forms this fee is added to the sum that will later become your deposit once all the paperwork is completed. So there are no fees. For example if your eventual deposit is £300 and you pay a reservation fee of £100 you will only need to pay an additional £200. The whole £300 is then registered with once all the tenants paperwork has been returned by them and their guarantors.
  2. Review the contract: You can ask to see a copy of a contract at any point but once you've reserved a property, we give you a copy, you can then send this to your parents and, or take it to the University for them to check over.
  3. Sign the contract and pay your retainer: Once you are happy with the contract we'll ask you to sign it at the property (or online if you prefer using an online signing service) and pay your retainer. The retainer amounts are normally £300 each student. You can pay these by cheque and direct bank transfer.   You will be given a receipt for both payment methods.
  4. ID and contact information: We will ask you to complete a contact information form. You'll also need to show us some ID in person and let us take a copy of your passport or your driving licence showing your address together with your acceptance letter from Uni. The government allows other forms of ID so please ask if you need help. All landlords and letting agents now need this information to adhere to the latest government legislation.
  5. Guarantor form: We ask that all students select a guarantor (normally a parent or guardian) who will agree to pay your portion of the rent only, if you are unable to. We will send an email and a contract to complete.  Please tell them we will be emailing.  The contracts are signed electronically with a legal service called Signable, it takes a few minutes.  A copy of the tenancy is attached and can be read prior to signing.   All guarantor documents have to be signed within 7 days.

Once all of that is complete then the property is yours! It's important that you complete all of the above within the times specified to secure the house otherwise the property may be put back on the market.

For Parents

Leaving home

We understand that parents may have concerns about the properties their children are moving into. We would like to reassure the parents of our student tenants that we are here to talk to if you have any concerns.

Our main priority is making sure all the properties are decent and safe. We are always here to help.

FAQ's - Guarantor forms

As most young people have not been able to establish a credit history or references from previous addresses we ask that they have their obligations guaranteed by their parents or guardians.

All student tenants must have their individual obligations guaranteed before they can move into a property.

As guarantor you should read the tenancy relating to the agreement before signing it. A copy of the tenancy agreement will be sent to you. The tenants' obligations include but are not limited to payment of rent and any wilful damage caused to the property or any furniture; further obligations are detailed in the tenancy.

To ensure guarantors would be able to honour the agreement in the event of a default by the tenant we will run a credit check using the information provided. If for any reason the guarantor fails the credit check we will provide alternative options to the tenant of either providing an additional guarantor, paying a larger retainer or paying all rent up front.

This information will be treated as strictly confidential and handled in accordance with our privacy policy which you can find on our website.

As part of the credit check we need to verify the guarantors identity so require some identification (either a passport and proof of address or a photo card driving licence). Guarantors must have proof of residency in the UK.


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