Your rent should be paid by standing order.   We will never see your bank details.  Please remember to put a reference the number of your house followed by your initials.

Please email to say when you are making a payment of anything other than your rent.

  • We need the first month’s rent into our account by the first date of your tenancy otherwise we will not be able to release your keys!
  • You should be able to set this up from your bank or through your internet banking. We give you the details before your tenancy starts.
  • It normally takes a few days for bank transfers to process so you should set it to go out of your account at least 5 days before the date required. This date is normally the first of each month; you should check your contract if you are not sure.
  • Please make sure you use the correct reference number the house number, followed by the tenants initials.


For example:
Name: Student Shac
Address: 15 Lawn Avenue
Reference number = 15SS


If you would like to make any one-off transfers (e.g. for your retainer/deposit), please ask for the bank details and put the reference as the number of the house you’re moving into followed by your initials.


Remember the rent is the weekly amount x 52 weeks of the year divided by 12 months as there are not exactly 4 weeks in each month.


Some students like to pay in advance in 3 instalments to help them budget. Please email if you would like to do this and we will send a payment plan. Once the stage payments are agreed, please set up 3 standing orders with your bank.

The rent for July, August and September is always paid on the 1st of each month then you can pay by 3 instalments spaced, end of September, January and April.

Payment Plan

1st July  one months rent

1st August  one months rent

1st September  one months rent

Then the remainder is split equally into 3 instalments

Please remember that if your loan payment is late or there is another problem this is not our responsibility.  You will still need to pay your rent on the given dates on your instalment plan. 


If an invoice is issued perhaps due to a broken item then please pay online and quote the house number and reference on the invoice.